Appraisals for Estate Settlement by Leslie A. DeCicco, SRPA

Estate settlement is often stressful, but a very important job. As an executor you have been entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased as swiftly and with as much dignity as possible. You can count on us to act quickly and with as much respect to the feelings of everyone involved.

We've made it our company's goal in providing the best appraisals that attorneys and accountants have come to rely on. There are required needs for everyone; we realize these requirements and are comfortable to working with all parties involved. Due to our experience in working with attorneys and accountants and various agencies, we create appraisal reports that definitely meet all expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your exact estate appraisal demands and how we can put our knowledge to work for you.

Settling an estate usually demands an appraisal to suggest fair market value for the residential property affected. It's understandable that ordering an appraisal is the farthest thought from your mind. Because of this, often there will be times that the effective date of an appraisal report differs from the date of your loss. Our professional staff is familiar with the practices and requirements obligatory to perform a retroactive appraisal with an effective date and fair market value estimate matching the exact date your loved one passed away. The ethics provision explained within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) binds our staff to confidentiality, guaranteeing the fullest degree of privacy for you and your loved ones.

The importance of owning an appraisal report when working with revenue services to prove income when filing documents is often overlooked by most people.

Opinions of value used in documents filed with the revenue authorities definitely should be backed by a comprehensive report as to how the appraiser came to his conclusions. This sort of report will certainly show your claim that the numbers displayed within the report are well-founded and accurate.

An executor will be satisfied by an appraisal by Leslie A. DeCicco, SRPA which will provide him solid facts and numbers to work with revenue agencies' requirements. There's no need to have anything but peace of mind when getting an appraisal from Leslie A. DeCicco, SRPA, because we will stand by it no matter what.

Opinions of value displayed in documents provided to the revenue authorities definitely should be backed by a detailed report as to how the appraiser came to his conclusions.

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